Promiseland Farms

We Started our business from our backyard making hand-tied rope halters. This turned out to be a great beginning for us with our halters flying off the racks. Our customers love the bright neon colors as well as the earth tone colors with the ability to mix and match colors for the nosebands and turk knots, making each and every halter a unique one.  Our halters have grown to also include the rope bronc halters with bling and hair-on-hide.  The popularity of our halters has brought about our other equine items such as ,neck ropes, and rope holders for our roping friends and neighbors, colorful bridle and rein sets for the barrel racers and hobbles for our trail riders.  If you find yourself in need of tack repairs, we can help you there as well, with our big machines and plenty of hardware, we can repair what you have.  Does your truck, car, or boat  or maybe even that office chair etc. need redoing? If so talk to us about our upholstery.  Check out our sister site www. to see pictures of these.  Please check back often to view AQHA foals for sale, AMHR foals for sale, and occationally TICA Bengal kittens for sale.


Our beautiful kittens have lines to Millwood and Kingsmen. These cats make very interesting new members to your family. They are very fun to watch and joys to be around, and make wonderful pets as well as breeding and show cats. Contact us for kitten availablity.


Jack A Zan  AQHA #3382060

Our Beautiful stallion Jack pictured on very top of page, produces some of the top roping horses today. The picture above shows one of his 2010 colts. All his foals have muscular hind quarters and stunning heads, with a good sloping shoulders capable of holding big stout calves.  He stands at stud to outside mares with discounts for multiple bookings.


                                                                               Parr Three
                                     Zan Parr Bar                       Terry's Pal
Zans Last Light                                                         
                                    Skip Light Trouble               Skip Light Lee
                                                                               Trouble Yes

                                                                               Watch Joe Jack
                                    Joe Go Quick                        Go' In Quick
Jackie JoAnna
                                    Jans Little Jackie                   Two Eyed Jack
                                                                                                                                                   Jan's Lil Sister

Axtman Prairie Playboy AMHR #101980A

Playboy is a beautiful Homozygous black and white tobiano class A stallion. He produces babies with pretty heads straight legs and good bone structure.  He has a great disposition which passes on to his offspring and we recently shown a couple of this yearling fillies and they did wonderful in the show ring. He stands at stud to outside mares with discounts for multiple bookings.


                                                                                                Pauley's Little Trigger
                                          Hobby Horse's Little Toughskin        Pauley's Little sally
Kerbaugh's Mr. T
                                          Kerbaugh's Belle                             Kerbaugh's Baldy
                                                                                               Unregistered Dam

                                                                                                                                        Texan's Play Boy
                                                                                    Moon Latch-s                                 Blue Moon
                                          Axtman Prairie Play Moon Delite
                                                                                    Play Over-s                                    Texan's Play Boy
                                                                                                                                         Over Hillery

4K's Winter Wind  AMHR #245708B

Winter is a few spot leopard appaloosa, and is a new stallion for us.  As a few spot he should be homozygous and so far is true to that, as we have seen some of his foals from his previous owners and have had a couple this year oursleves. He 's been throwing splash appaloosa colors, alot of snow flaking over hips and varnish across face. We are looking forward to next years foal crop the many beautiful appy babies we'll get. He stands at stud to outside mares with multiple mare bookings.


                                                                                                    Jandt's Bay 'N Bee
                                             Jandt's Chief Show Tom A Hawk        Ahren's Shy Ann
Cherokee Rose Splash Dance
                                             Arc Coco                                         Arc Banner
                                                                                                   Arc Chocolate

                                                                                                  Unregistered Sire
                                                                                      Wild Wind's Winterhawk                  Unregistered Dam
                                          Misty Kay
                                                                                      4j's Silver Trinket                            Unregistered Sire
                                                                                                                                            Unregistered Dam